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Abuse in childhood is known to be linked with a range of problems in adulthood including anxiety, difficulty with adult sexual relationships, negative view of self, sleep disturbance, food disorders, early alcoholism, depression, feelings of guilt, shame etc. Progress is not necessarily linked to talking about the details of the abuse but rather, gaining a better interpretation about what happened and recovering from the traumatic effects.

EMDR can also form part of the therapy for recovery from abuse. We take a combined approach for best results.

Similar negative outcomes can result from experiencing domestic violence and bullying either as an adult or a child. A similar therapeutic approach is taken to achieve best results.

With so much in the press and other media about the significant historical abuse perpetrated by people such as Jimmy Seville, many people are being triggered by their own experiences of abuse. Hopefully people will feel encouraged to seek therapy for their experiences of abuse-if you are one of those people please feel free to contact us to see if we are the right people to help you.