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Grieving is a normal human response when we are bereaved or affected by loss. This can be when a loved one dies or is affected by a debilitating condition such as dementia.

The population in the UK is ageing and although living longer many people will experience the loss of their partner. Large numbers of people are living with loneliness, often not seeing or talking to anyone else for days at a time. In an article in The Times, by Chris Smith-Health Correspondent) on April 4th 2014, he states that GP's have reported that elderly people sometimes make an appointment every day, to see them for a consultation, not because they are ill but because they are desperate to talk to someone.

We can offer an opportunity to meet with those who have been bereaved to give them and their families a chance to talk about the loss of their loved one. .If the grieving becomes problematic we can offer the opportunity to enable people to recover from their grief. We offer EMDR to achieve this.

We are often affected by grief and a sense of loss following separation and divorce especially if it was not  a mutual decision. We are able to meet with people affected by this life change and if the loss has become impacted can work with EMDR to restore well being.  

We are affected by grief and loss when we experience a life change such as our children leaving home or getting married or entering a partnership themselves. We can offer a space to talk about such life cycle changes and come to terms with the new arrangements. 

We are affected by the loss of a bodily function following a life changing event, such as an accident, stroke or other unexpected event. We can offer Family Therapy and EMDR for these life changing events.   

We can be very distressed if we loose our job or are made redundant. We can offer a space for you to express your feelings about this event in your life and build up your confidence for the future.