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Depression is not just feeling fed up or having low mood for a few days. Everyone can feel down on occasion but to be depressed means you can feel very low for weeks or months. It is not a sign of weakness and you cannot just pull yourself together. 

If you have depression you might feel very sad and hopeless,; you might have no interest in life or be tearful and unhappy.

Physical symptoms include being tired, poor sleep, and little interest in eating. If you have severe depression you may feel suicidal, loosing interest in living. It is better to get help as soon as possible in order to recover as quickly as possible. 

NICE Guidelines indicate Family Therapy is a good therapeutic intervention for children and young people with depression. 

EMDR and Systemic Therapy can also benefit adults with depression. You can benefit from these talking therapies whether or not you are taking medication prescribed by your GP or psychiatrist. 

Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

IF you are feeling suicidal see your GP. If you are in the UK (08457:909090) & Republic of Ireland (116123) you can also contact The Samaritans (free) available 24 hours a day 365 days a year; contact Befrienders worldwide-38 countries).