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If you drive a car you need to have an annual M.O.T. Otherwise problems can arise. So, why not choose to have a Family M.O.T.?       The Family M.O.T. gives you a chance to pause and check that your family life and relationships are running smoothly. We can all be so busy these days but it is worth spending some time together as parents or as family members checking on your family emotional health, identifying your goals and communication abilities. It can be a great opportunity to reflect on family life, deal with family life cycle changes and challenges and collaborate together. 

You do not need to have a specific problem to engage in a Family M.O.T. although if you do that is fine. We can outline M.O.T. factors for you in the assessment session and together create a bespoke intervention for you. The Family M.O.T. can be for any family system including both parents and children, single parent families, blended families, step parents and families, adoptive parents and families, foster carers and families. You can include extended family members like grandparents, siblings and cousins, aunts and uncles. We could include family members living at a distance by phone or Skype and VSee. Whoever you are, a Family M.O.T. could be just what you need.