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Family Therapy

In broad terms family therapy seeks to understand people in terms of their relationships or systems rather than in terms of an individual condition. A couples’ relationship therefore depends on how the two people usually relate together rather than focusing on an individual’s personality or who is to blame.Even when it seems an individual has a problem it is very often helpful for family members to be involved in order to help the individual family member. Still, Family Therapists frequently do not always work with whole families-they often work with individuals or couples. 

Sometimes it is not appropriate or desired by a client for the family to be involved in the therapy;this may be because a person has been abused or hurt sexually, physically or emotionally by a parent or other family member. Or they simply find it very difficult to get on with their family, perhaps because of poor attachment with their parents. Other people may have been 'looked after' by the local authority and may have had little or no contact with the family of origin. Usually, however, it is helpful to think and talk about the family of origin when meeting an individual for therapy.

How has the culture, ethnicity, beliefs, behaviors and processes in the family contributed to how things are for the individual? What is the communication style in your family?Do you have siblings? Who gets on with who? Who is closest to who? How is conflict dealt with in your family? What strengths does your family have? 

What help does your family need? What changes are you dealing with in your family?Does your child have a difficulty? Are you finding it hard to cope? Is there a behaviour problem? Is your child being bullied. Are you a step-parent and are finding your step children do not accept you? Are you a single parent needing some space to think things through? Is a family member ill and you need time to work out how to manage? Have you experienced domestic abuse or violence and you want help to stop it? Do you and your partner come from differing racial and cultural backgrounds or differing religions and you want time to discuss these factors in your relationship?-

Whatever your family structure; What ever your family story-you are welcome to contact us to see if we can help.