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Who are intensives suitable for?

Intensives are suitable for families, couples and individuals; Intensives give you an opportunity to focus over a defined period of time on how you want to use the therapeutic sessions to bring about change or clarity and focus on your life or family and couple systems. One intensive might be sufficient but sometimes clients book additional intensives to meet their needs. Clients who come to the Teignmouth venue can combine an Intensive with spending time at leisure in a very beautiful part of the countryside. 

Alternatively, Intensives can be booked to be held by Telehealth-Skype or VSee. This saves on travel expenses, booking up accommodation, eating out and other requirements.                                                                           

 1 Day: Intensive-3 or 4 sessions                                                2 Day: Intensives-6-8 sessions                                                          

Weekend Intensives-(either Friday, Saturday & Sunday or Saturday, Sunday & Monday or Saturday & Sunday or Friday through to Monday, 2, 3, 4 sessions to be agreed inclusive of assessment session.                                                                                                  

Full 5 Day Week/7 Day Week Intensives

48 hours notice is required to re-schedule Intensives

If your Intensives Therapy sessions are held at our Teignmouth venue Bed & Breakfast can be booked next door (according to availability) at the exquisite thatched cottage-the Minadab or many other alternatives in Teignmouth, a popular holiday destination.