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You care deeply about your children and you have tried all sorts of therapeutic interventions, taken lots of advice or have had many interventions from agencies, but nothing seems to have worked or been sustained.

Perhaps your couple relationship is on the brink of breaking up but you are desperate to try to save the relationship. If this is you and your family or you are in that couple relationship,  maybe Last Chance Saloon is right for you.

This is not an easy option as sometimes things can get worse before they get better! But we will work with you to turn things round. You can meet with us at the Teignmouth venue or we can travel to your preferred venue, (will incur extra cost); or we can meet with you on Skype or VSee. 

We are not interested in blaming you - we are more interested in building on your strengths and identifying those things that will be the difference that make the difference! We cannot guarantee that it will work but at least you will have the satisfaction of giving it your best shot.