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How to instant message us.                                             This can be provided by Skype/Outlook.com,VSee, and other VOIP providers. First think about your privacy and confidentiality needs as some providers give better privacy than others.

Are you the only person with access to the computer or device you are going to use for this purpose? You will need to be at your computer ready to begin your session at the agreed time. Make sure no one will enter the room or your chosen venue during your session unless with prior agreement. Ensure no television or music is playing; if you use air conditioning be sure it will not be noisy. Make sure you are comfortable. 

If you are using Skype you will need to either install the Skype web plugin or the latest version of Skype will need to be downloaded onto your computer or device. Add us to your contact list. You need to choose a password that nobody else will be able to guess. With Skype you can can control who can see who you call and send messages to. You need to manage your Skype history. To ensure your privacy, update your settings on a PC by opening Skype, clicking on tools and option privacy. On a Mac it is Skype, click preferences privacy. You will need to email us your Skype name before the appointment.

How to send and receive messages in Outlook.com            

 Sign in to your Outlook.com account and select the messaging icon and click inside the: 'Start new conversation box,' to view your online contacts. Choose the contact you wish to IM (instant message), type your message, add emotions if you wish, and press enter. You can send and receive instant messages from your Skype contacts in Outlook.com even if you have not installed the Skype plug in. Just link your Skype and Microsoft accounts. Outlook lets you choose whether to message your contacts on Skype or Messenger. Click start new conversation and select us. This opens the Instant Messaging panel. Click the ellipsis (...) in the IM panel. Click 'Chatting On'. Select Skype or Messenger. To open the instant message you receive, click the blue notification bar that pops up and press enter.


This service is available on Windows and Mac.Install on your computer or Mac or suitable device. Add us to your contact list. Click on our username and a chat box will appear. Note that any chat can be turned into a video call by clicking on the video icon at the top right hand corner of the chat box. It is free for unlimited group videos.It is HIPAA secure.


Google+Hangouts is a messaging app that lets you send and receive messages, photos and videos and video calls one to one or with groups of up to 10 people. You can use emoji. You can use the application on your phones, tablet and computer. Your mobile provider and ISP may charge you.