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Jrome Burne in The Telegraph 19th January 2014:                                "Depressed patients turn to the internet for Skypotherapy......How psychotherapy came off the couch and into the clouds".

Bel Mooney in the Daily Mail 26th January 2013: "Many people find video therapy preferable to face to face treatment because they feel safe and in control at home".

Philip Hodson in You Magazine 13th January 2013: "Being in an environment of your choice with more control over the process apparently makes Skype therapy clients more relaxed and willing to share their fears".

Telehealth therapy or remote therapy can offer you the opportunity to connect with us- even though you may live at a long distance from us or even in another country. Perhaps you have mobility or transport difficulties and cannot meet with us for face to face therapy. Maybe you have caring responsibilities for children or other people but you would like a real time conversation with a therapist. Perhaps you live in a remote area but need therapy. Now you can arrange your appointment for therapy by using Skype or VSee.  

Skype is a very popular site on the internet. It is free when used between devices that have access to the internet and broadband. The software is free and must be downloaded and installed to the computers and devices of individuals who wish to communicate using it. You will need a webcam and or a microphone attached to your computer. You may need headphones (many computers and Macs have webcams installed). Go to www.skype.com and follow the instructions to plug in the programme.

VSee (www.vsee.com) is free and it meets the very high level  2 of FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) encryption 140 and is fully supported on Windows, Mac and iOS; VSee includes 720P high definition video  bringing clarity and image quality. Calls go directly from person to person with no intervention by the VSee company. VSee can send high definition video with very little internet speed. 

Teleheath sessions are for one hour unless otherwise agreed. Payment is made in advance via electronic bank transfer, or PayPal, or Paym (from 29/04/14).