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Some people prefer to use the telephone for their therapy or supervision session. This can be on the home line, mobile or on the compute, Skype and VSee. r. It is important to ensure your privacy and confidentiality on the telephone. You will need to make sure no one can over hear you whilst making your call. You also need to be clear about who has access to the numbers you call, and for how long. How much will it cost you. Is the cost of your phone call inclusive in your allocated call time? Do you need permission from anyone to make a call? 

Are you comfortable  and is the volume set at the right level for the call? You will need to pay in advance for the phone call. You will need to phone us at the allocated and agreed time. If you need us to keep a time check on the phone call let us know. We will tell you when 10 minutes remains for the phone call unless you prefer a longer time to summarise the call and end. We can discuss with you the issues you want to talk about at the beginning of the call or we can listen whilst you talk or agree how the phone call will be shared. Some people want support whilst working through various issues or recovering from a life changing event or deciding on a course of action. That is fine.  If you wish you can send us an email identifying briefly the issues you would like to talk about.  

Make a phone call and talk to us about what help you would like.