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PTSD is an anxiety disorder caused by very stressful, highly distressing or frightening events.

Events that can cause PTSD include:

Road Accidents

Violent assault including rape and sexual assault, mugging, and robbery

Sexual abuse, domestic violence and severe neglect

Witnessing violent deaths

Being held hostage

Military combat

Terrorist attacks

Natural disasters, such as earth quakes, tsunamis and floods

​PTSD can result immediately after someone experiences  such an event-or it might impact on someone, weeks, months or sometimes years later. PTSD is thought to affect 1 in 3 people who experience a traumatic event. People who have PTSD will often relive the traumatic incident having flashbacks, and nightmares. They may struggle to sleep or have difficulty in concentrating. Often there is a fall out in personal relationships, holding down a job, and a significant detrimental affect on quality of life.

We can offer to provide EMDR (eye movement desensitisation reprocessing) treatment as recommended in the NICE guidelines, (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence).